Friday, April 30, 2010

Day Two

So there is one thing about this flat I cannot understand. We have one insy mirror in our bathroom. And there are no plugs whatsoever in the bathroom. And I'm too short to actually reach the mirror. I can see from the eyes up. So basically doing my hair has been an adventure (besides possibly blowing up the blow dryer on the first try) so for any future pictures that you see of me you will now understand why my hair looks the way it does haha.

So when I was little I read the Amber Brown books and Amber Brown went everywhere. She went to Rome, she went to New York, and she went to London. She goes to see Big Ben in London and I remember thinking that one day I was going to go see Big Ben too. Well yesterday was the day!

We also saw the London Eye, the parliament building,and Westminster Abbey (and bridge). There were people striking outside the Parliament building against the war in Iraq. They were living in tents!

I'm finally understanding the tube system which really isn't as hard the map makes it look but we've still been lost a few times. We couldn't find the theater last night for Phantom of the Opera and it was starting and then my friend Britt threw her ticket away and only had the reciept, but we finally made it in. I was so excited to see it! Everyone else had already seen it on Broadway. I felt like I had already seen it too because I think I know the words to every song! It was so awesome.

My favorite part was when the Phantom lays on this gold sculpture thing while Christine and Raol sing All I Ask of You and then he pops up and starts singing and then he stands all the way up at the end of the song and the sculpture thing moves up( I would probably fall off if it was me)to the very top of the stage and then he jumps off onto this little ledge thing and keeps singing. Wow.

This is an illegal picture I took of the chandelier during intermission and one of the workers started yelling that pictures WERE NOT allowed in the theater( I wasn't the only one) but I was glad I did because I liked hearing his accent. (that's why I couldn't get a better one...this one is awful sorry.)


  1. Could you flaunt the fact that you're an American tourist/student any more? :) You're so funny! What adventures you're having... Hey, maybe you could stand on the toilet to do your hair so you can see in the mirror! But I really do love reading your stories.... :)

  2. Ash, you are making me so jealous! You look lovely! I am glad you are having so much fun cause i am suffering through finals and it's not fun! Phantom looked like fun! I want to go! So i propose an idea.... How about when Phil and I get rich and finish school, how about you and I take a trip back to London and you can shoe me around! I want to go really bad now! I am so glad you are living out your dreams! Love you Ash!

    Love, EM

  3. Mckell-- I would stand on the toilet if there were plugs around for the straightner haha and the toilet is kinda far away.
    Em-- Any time you want to go to London I will be there! Good luck with finals. Only one more week and then you're on summer break... lucky. These classes are going to be a lot work over here especially because I can't stay focused, I want to play!