Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I go to BYU


So there is this guy that dances in front of the Wilk every Tuesday from 12:50-1 completely by himself in the same white, body hugging pants. If you go to BYU I'm sure you stop by for his dance moves... because they are quite the show. I have book of Mormon with all of my roommates at 1:00 so we all walk by that way every week and are so happy when we get to see him. It's so funny to look around at all the people walking by this dancing man because every is smiling and laughing. When he's done dancing he just picks up his huge boombox and walks off. He has style that man.

I can say I've never been a big fan of dancing that is until this year. Then I met Mandy, my roommate, and I met kitchen dance parties and I was won over! I love going to dances. None of us are good at dancing in any way, except maybe Mandy, but we have a good time.

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