Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

BYU for some reason thinks their students never get burned out and never need a break. I must be the exception.... so I took an Ashley Spring Break this weekend.
It started Friday afternoon at 3:00 and went until Sunday night and it was glorious. Here's a few beautiful moments from spring break:

1. I finally painted my toenails. They've been looking very naked since September.

2.I ate Cafe Rio for free! Yes, thank you parents!

3.I had time to run for a full 45 minutes!

4. I read the travel section in the Newspaper (Egypt...someday I'll get there too) and I watched a Samantha Brown travel show about Stratford-upon-Avon which I will be breathing, smelling, and visiting in a month!

5. And the very, very best part of spring break was going to see the "amimals" at Hogle Zoo with my aunt,little cousin Erin, and my sister. (Ok this technically was biology homework but definitely spring break appropriate) We saw an elephant that danced according to Erin and had mental deficiencies according to my aunt. It would take four steps forward and then four steps back over and over again-- who knows. We saw a real cougar and my aunt made the mistake of saying, "Yeah, she could definitely hurt you," and Erin flipped out and started climbing up my aunt. As I looked at the cougar, I really began to wonder who thought that would be a good mascot for BYU, I mean I couldn't think of anything less Christlike. I think we should be the BYU Bunnies-- it's even an alliteration. It just rolls of the tongue. Just kidding.

So if you think you need a spring break, you're right you do! So just take one, it's glorious!

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  1. I took a self-declared spring break too! Although, I went to Vegas and gambled (gasp!) I think my ecclesiastical endorsement is on the line.