Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I realized today as I was digging through the dishwasher that I hate using spoons and forks and knives that are too big, or too small or have a weird design, or a black handle. (Our brothers have silverware like this and I just realized that I always avoid using that ugly silverware!) Is this a really abnormal behavior?

There have been many mornings that I have HAND washed a dirty spoon because I can't stand to use the massive ones we have. Can't tell you why... it is a little ridiculous.
But I will have perfect silverware one day in my own house. Or I might go a little crazy. Maybe I already am.


  1. I'm pretty sure you would of had to wash a spoon regardless of shape as all of them are currently dirty. So feel free to clean them all. And the rest of the dishes as well. And the whole apartment while you're at it. My laundry basket is getting fairly full. Its located at the end of my bed. Thanks roomie. The end.

  2. asH!! lET'S CUDDLE RIGHT NOW!! Good Heck, Why is the darn capslock on? Too bad I am too lazy to hit backspace and fix the errors!!
    See ya later mountain face!

  3. It's not the handle that's the problem, it's the size of the spoon head, the part that goes in the mouth. Why do they even make the oversized ones anyway? Even large mouthed people should be able to scoop cereal into their mouths with a normal sized spoon head.