Monday, March 1, 2010

Playing Primary

I love little kids. We have this little neighbor girl named Emmie who always comes over. One day she came over after church when I was playing the piano and she just bustled down the stairs to see what was happening. She found a little music stand we have and set up a hymn book on it and dragged it across the room. And then she would yell across the room which song she wanted me to play. I stopped playing for a second and I heard her saying" Welcome to Primary boys and girls" and I couldn't stop laughing, which made her mad, but it was hilarious.

So I was home on Friday to teach piano lessons, and she came over after I was done. As soon as she saw me she said "Ash, let's go play primary." So we did. Somehow I have a bad habit of never playing the song she wants.... you can only play I'm a Child of God so many times..... so I was playing a song she didn't want me to play and I said, "Emmie, have you you heard this song before?"
Then a few minutes later she says, " But I'm getting used to it."
I love when five year olds whip out comments like this.

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