Saturday, March 13, 2010

A few things that make me happy!

So I read this blog (well I used to before I met college) called the Rockstar Diaries. Every week the girl who writes the blog posts a list of ten things that makes someone happy-- it's usually one of her readers who writes the list and so I decided to make my own. Reading all those lists of happy things just makes me happy. Maybe you should try it sometime.....

Ten things that make me terribly happy:
1. When something unexpected happens. I'm way too good at planning everything.
2. Graham Cracker Ice Cream at the creamery on 9th.
3. When I've run long enough that it starts to feel good.
4. My doggy Ginny.
5.Studying by a window when it's sunny outside.
6.Thinking about new places to travel.
7.Having a great conversation with someone you just met.
8.Laughing so hard your eyes leak with roommates...usually happens after midnight
9.Sunday afternoons
10.Reading something someone else wrote and knowing you've thought the same thought.

It's hard to only think of 10 things that make me happy... maybe I'll add on someday soon!

PS I took this picture in Hawaii last year-- speaking of somewhere that makes me terribly happy!


  1. Oh! Rockstar Diaries! You totally converted me. :)

  2. Ginny makes you happy? I think you must be terribly confused.

  3. i lovee graham cracker ice cream. and we haven't had it in like two weeks, which is forever.

  4. Not tried gc ice cream---but reading your blog has made me happy---especially your addition of the train scene.

  5. agreed! especially 3, 5, and...the rest of them, haha. which makes #10 especially true.