Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Fest

Every year it seems like I see pictures in the newspaper of the Festival of Colors at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork and I'm always sad that I missed it. But this was my year-- the roommates and our brothers wanted to go!

Pictures tell way more than words do..... we had one good time!
Everyone just threw color on everyone else. This random girl walked up to my brother Caleb and threw pink powder straight into his eye and I thought it was going to dye the whites of his eyes. Everything just started going pink.

The sky goes black when you throw all the colors.. its a good time!

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  1. Great pictures Ashley!! I went to color fest for my first time this year too! It was quite the experience I must say. I love learning about it and why we would throw the chalk and burn the witch. It was hard to hear about the whole story from where I was. I think next year I'll try to be in a place where I can listen better. I did notice the differences between the BYU and UVU students and the actual people of the Hindu faith. Quite fascinating and quite fun!