Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So my half birthday has officially passed. It was March 9... which means I only have 6 more months left of being a teenager. I'm definetely starting to feel old. 40 is going to be a rough one for me, I think. So I've been thinking of some of the crazy things that has happened while I've been a teenager. Here's a few (let's hope the parentals haven't found my blog yet haha)

1. The day me and my friend Lynne were heading to cheer practice at 5 am and when we got to the intersection which was a red light, I decided to look both ways and then go right on through. I was wondering why Lynne was yelling and a truck was honking at me and didn't realize what I had done until after we had made it through. Whoops it was a little early...

2.Making fettucini with my friend Lindsey and making so much it was spilling out of the pot and it looked pretty good until we took a bite. We tried persuading my mom and sister they should eat some...while we were eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner instead.

3. Snowball fight last weekend at 1 am.

4. Sliding into curb and a bush in my car one slippery winter day when I was in a rush to get to piano lessons. I just decided to park it there-- sticking straight out into the road-- went into my 45 min. piano lesson and then my teacher and her husband pushed me out. Whoops again.

5. Finding echoes with my roommate Mandy. There's one in our kitchen if you open up the cabinets in a certain way and one on campus by the JFSB.

So what's coming? Hmm six more months to live it up!


  1. I remember that bush story... :) You and cars do not get along so well, Ash!

  2. What about when the sprinkler decided to blast your skirt up to your face? Or when you decided to show the fast offering boys your less than covered bottom. I think those should make the top 5!

  3. Thanks sid..not sure how I forgot to mention those...