Thursday, February 18, 2010


So do you know those people who do the same thing every SINGLE day and they never seem to get tired of it? While I may be guilty of never getting tired of cereal for dinner or eating chocolate ice cream, I would get a little tired of lugging around the same yellow lunch container to work everyday. There's this man at my work who I secretly stare at every day in the employee lunch room just to see if he's eating out of his round little lunch container. Except I guess I'm not as secret as I thought because he says hi to me now and stares back. I'm four eleven and half feet tall but I think we're on eye level me and this man. He' s just this short little thing with hair that starts way back behind his ears and this big grey mustache. We're pretty good friends now, you know, like the friends you have in the library. You both study there every day but you don't actually know their name or haven't actually ever said any words. Anyway, that's how me and this man are (obviously I don't know his name... he always takes off his name tag for lunch too or I just haven't looked at it). But I haven't told you the whole story yet. Every day in his round, plastic, yellow, lunch container is a steak and a cut up baked potatoe. He must have caught one good wife. Does she hand wash his lunch container every night and make a steak and bake a potatoe every night? People, I sure love to watch them.

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