Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once when I wandered lonely as a cloud

I hiked Timp this summer for the first time, even though I've driven by it for the past eighteen years. My sister wanted to hike it forever, but the rest of us are kind of lazy, but we finally did it for her. It was my dad, my two sisters, and me for hours and hours trekking along that never ending path. There were parts where the sun seemed to be standing in front of you with not even a leaf to shade you and other parts where the snow hadn't melted yet and we practically slid across the whole bank. We came to a field of wild flowers ( I was never so happy to be somewhere flat first of all) but it came out of nowhere and took your breath away. I remember laughing at a funny story my dad was telling and realizing that having moments like this was the reason God gave us the earth he did. Because its beautiful and its challenging.

Have you ever had a mountain goat run straight at you? It does take you off guard a little, I warn you! When we were eating lunch at The Saddle ( it's a little flat area before you start the hike to the very top) there was this mountain goat further up the mountain. This guy kept creeping up closer and closer to it and finally caught its attention. And then out of no where it just leaps down the mountain, barely side steps the guy, and starts coming straight at us, but then turns to the side and goes down the side of the mountain. And they're big! I don't know how they keep their balance... I just hope the people coming up the path missed the cascade of rocks that goat brought down with it, or i just hope he didn't barrel into them.


  1. That sounds really, really cool. I haven't hiked timp before, but it looks lovely. I should, considering I've lived here my whole life. :) Maybe I'll give it a try. Good story.

  2. I like how you apply this poem to your own experience. I haven't hike MT. Timp but, shoot, maybe I will this summer.