Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Of all the things I thought I would get out of college, I didn't think it would be brothers!
We usually have this conversation every with one of them:
Enter Brother: Hey what are you guys doing?
Us: nothing, homework.
Brother: Cool. Hey do you guys have any food?
Elapse of ten minutes
Us: Hey wait brother you can't eat those! Those are special poptarts you can't get in Utah.
The most important thing I've learned this semester, Listen up girls: If you want boys to come over, make food!
We love our brothers though. One night we were having a birthday party for one of the brothers and the boys got out hand santizer, rubbed it all over their hands, and lit their hands on fire. It didn't quite make sense to me either.... but I was hilarious to watch. I don't think any of them walked away with any arm hair left. We have some good times over here at Heritage Halls. Even if fire isn't allowed. Ever.


  1. Trust me on this one, lighting your hands on fire makes perfect sense to a guy.

  2. true story, except my pictures of this night were better. so you should have used them instead. but the rest of it is good. the end.

  3. Why did no one think to light Lauren on fire??? hmnmm.. I will never leave opportunity knocking again!!

  4. "she makes me want to light myself on fire, but she sure can sing." you know, this quote reminds me of you, except you have no redeeming quality to put after the first portion, so I guess the phrase would just be "Tara makes me want to light myself on fire." Yep, that sounds about right. And Ashley definitely agrees.

  5. wow, way to quote a guy named Puck with a mowhawk and eyeliner, Good Heck Lauren, if you don't step up your game we are sending yoou back to Temecula in a bubble wrap manilla envelope!

  6. Wow, too bad i got that quote from you genius. you say it all the time about a certain someone. so step up your quotes and maybe i won't be able to use them against you.

  7. Ha, well you double lose then!!!

  8. more like double win! True that.

    && you're juniceeee [to be sung]