Saturday, February 27, 2010


So my roommate was called as a sunday school teacher which has been a very traumatic event in her life. One night I came home and she was laying across the couch staring at the wall with the manual on the floor. When she asked me what she should do for her lesson, I suggested opening the book to begin with. Then her cousins called and invited her to spend the weekend in Salt Lake with them and she jumped at the chance and found someone else to teach the lesson. When her cousins found out what had happened they told her she was the newest living Jonah..... running away from God's call. It's probably a good thing she moved to Utah... a land locked state! It's kind of joke now in our apartment. So I do have to agree with Steven Walker... Jonah's story is pretty funny. But mostly when it's happening to somebody else....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Of all the things I thought I would get out of college, I didn't think it would be brothers!
We usually have this conversation every with one of them:
Enter Brother: Hey what are you guys doing?
Us: nothing, homework.
Brother: Cool. Hey do you guys have any food?
Elapse of ten minutes
Us: Hey wait brother you can't eat those! Those are special poptarts you can't get in Utah.
The most important thing I've learned this semester, Listen up girls: If you want boys to come over, make food!
We love our brothers though. One night we were having a birthday party for one of the brothers and the boys got out hand santizer, rubbed it all over their hands, and lit their hands on fire. It didn't quite make sense to me either.... but I was hilarious to watch. I don't think any of them walked away with any arm hair left. We have some good times over here at Heritage Halls. Even if fire isn't allowed. Ever.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why is the groundhog always right?

So I was looking at some old pictures I took this winter and thinking it was fun while it lasted, and how I am so so glad the snow is mostly gone and I can look at my shirt sleeve shirts without feeling guilty. But then I walked outside the very next morning and voila.... snow everyone, getting inside my coat and down my neck and in my hair and piling up around my feet. This is why one day I will have a "winter" home in Hawaii!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


So do you know those people who do the same thing every SINGLE day and they never seem to get tired of it? While I may be guilty of never getting tired of cereal for dinner or eating chocolate ice cream, I would get a little tired of lugging around the same yellow lunch container to work everyday. There's this man at my work who I secretly stare at every day in the employee lunch room just to see if he's eating out of his round little lunch container. Except I guess I'm not as secret as I thought because he says hi to me now and stares back. I'm four eleven and half feet tall but I think we're on eye level me and this man. He' s just this short little thing with hair that starts way back behind his ears and this big grey mustache. We're pretty good friends now, you know, like the friends you have in the library. You both study there every day but you don't actually know their name or haven't actually ever said any words. Anyway, that's how me and this man are (obviously I don't know his name... he always takes off his name tag for lunch too or I just haven't looked at it). But I haven't told you the whole story yet. Every day in his round, plastic, yellow, lunch container is a steak and a cut up baked potatoe. He must have caught one good wife. Does she hand wash his lunch container every night and make a steak and bake a potatoe every night? People, I sure love to watch them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So we tell stories in my family. We sit around on grandma's couches-- the ones that I can't ever remember her not having, with little pink flowers and little edges that always scratch-- and grandpa talks and we listen and laugh until we're crying more than laughing. Grandpa has a way with words, the stories never last long enough even when there's a million details that don't really matter.
"Joe," grandma will always screech when he licks his lips laughs a little. When we know that a good story is coming. "Joe, not that one!" And then we know it's a good one. We ask for our favorites. About the boy who stood at the corner swinging a long rope of snot from his nose, or the time grandpa walked into the restaurant with the meat hanging from the ceiling and the flies swarming.
"Not that one," grandma will always yell and then sit to hear the whole thing. We tell stories in this family, but no one like grandpa.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once when I wandered lonely as a cloud

I hiked Timp this summer for the first time, even though I've driven by it for the past eighteen years. My sister wanted to hike it forever, but the rest of us are kind of lazy, but we finally did it for her. It was my dad, my two sisters, and me for hours and hours trekking along that never ending path. There were parts where the sun seemed to be standing in front of you with not even a leaf to shade you and other parts where the snow hadn't melted yet and we practically slid across the whole bank. We came to a field of wild flowers ( I was never so happy to be somewhere flat first of all) but it came out of nowhere and took your breath away. I remember laughing at a funny story my dad was telling and realizing that having moments like this was the reason God gave us the earth he did. Because its beautiful and its challenging.

Have you ever had a mountain goat run straight at you? It does take you off guard a little, I warn you! When we were eating lunch at The Saddle ( it's a little flat area before you start the hike to the very top) there was this mountain goat further up the mountain. This guy kept creeping up closer and closer to it and finally caught its attention. And then out of no where it just leaps down the mountain, barely side steps the guy, and starts coming straight at us, but then turns to the side and goes down the side of the mountain. And they're big! I don't know how they keep their balance... I just hope the people coming up the path missed the cascade of rocks that goat brought down with it, or i just hope he didn't barrel into them.