Thursday, January 14, 2010

A thing of beauty is a joy forever-- John Keats

When beauty runs faster than a clock, how do we catch up? How can a hundred years pass with a hundred different styles and a hundred different versions? When did this woman start being beautiful and when will she stop? Beauty changes with the dates doesn't it? If one other person thinks you're beautiful is that enough? I think beauty might be a little bit selfish-- if you think you're beautiful enough than maybe that's enough. Doesn't the day seem a little more glorious or the air a little less frigid? How many women through time have wondered these things? How many women have looked at this magazine, Good Housekeeping January 2010, and wondered if they could ever measure up? A dinner that didn't turn out like the picture or hair that had gone a little flat. Too busy to do more than make the bed, or too busy to stop to make the bed. A score that just wasn't enough to fix the grade, or phone calls that keep getting missed. When does life ever stop turning enough to look at beauty in the face? Maybe its okay if it keep changes, maybe there's more chances of catching it. Or maybe its our own version inside of the hundreds.

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  1. And what are we supposed to do when we are finally on the verge of catching up then WHAM beauty takes a new and unusual turn? I love that here there isn't just one form of see so many beautiful people during the day that are all so different.