Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Half Marathon

I ran my first Half-Marathon on Saturday!

Here's us before the race started. It was freezing!
Let's just say my training did not go very in pretty much non-existent. I ran 10 miles the week before though and called it good. The race went better than I thought it would... It helped that most of it was downhill. We were boring and just wore normal running clothes but a lot of people dressed up in funny costumes. Here's a little peek:

Some of my favorites were the fairies next to us with signs that said "I'm fairy slow" and "I'm fairy fast." Then the group next to us were wearing lots of gold stuff with T-shirts that said "I'm just ROMAN around looking for somewhere to run" or something like that. Then during the race there was this girl who kept passing us talking on her cell phone! She kept leaving voicemails for people. There are some crazies!
It was a beautiful day to run!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So these are all the things that happen when you're trying to avoid homework:
1. You may dress up for a space themed dance.
We realized when we got there that the only boys at these dances are FRESHMAN boys. All well. It was a good time.

2. You may play Quidditch on a Saturday afternoon. In a rain storm. With broomsticks, hoops, mud,and bludgers. It was full out war.

3. You may spend the whole Saturday morning shooting paintballs.

It was a beautiful day.

4. You may spend Sunday morning eating cookie dough.

5. Or you may spend Friday night at the "Spinny" park chasing people around.

Unfortunatly, Monday morning came a little too soon this week.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall has brought some new changes to my life, roommates being one of the best ones!
Here's a few things that have made me happy.
Hiking Stewart Falls with Mandy on Labor Day. Even with the four year olds passing us.Ant-twilight parties. With yummy pazuki on Edward plates. And sparkly candles that dripped everywhere. Standing around the stove eating Mandy's stir fry creations. Reading poetry every day for a month. Dance parties in our living room with all the lights out and the door open. New journals.Listening to He is We with Lauren. Making cheese cake at midnight. Headband material everywhere. Really. Everywhere. Harry Potter trivia contests with the boys downstairs. Kneaders' Frech toast. Going on Temple Road trips with my sisters. Reading books at work.Getting ready together with the roommates in front of our big mirror. Sunday morning breakfast chats. Nerd fests with Tara winning a prize. Seeing my piano kids every week. Having assignments to write poetry and go to art museums.Learning to play the organ. Wearing new clothes. and new shoes. It's been a long time. Walking to school. The Old Testament.Mountains that wear all the fall colors that aren't here yet. Meeting new people. Running in the mornings with my new purple running shoes. Pecans. Having a living room this year and two whole couches. Dixie chicks and sunglasses.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shakespearean Festival Once Again

We always go to the Shakespearean Festival every year in Cedar City. But this year we brought a whole new crowd. Lauren and Sidney came along and Lora's sister Letisha. It actually wasn't a disaster, like me and Lora said it would be if it wasn't just us.

Cedar City has a new store which we all enjoyed....

We have this tradition every year that we try and find the actors and take pictures of them. Well, one day while we were waiting to get our tickets the STAR of the Shakespeare Festival Bryan Vaughn showed up in the lobby! I had to pretend I was taking a picture of Sidney in the doorway in order to capture this baby. Even though my stalker skills are excellent, this one was a little more obvious than normal. But it was a success even if he did see me take it AND kept running into me the rest of the day which made our relationship very awkward.

But nevertheless, the numbers are high this year of the number of pictures I took of actors (when they weren't looking of course.)
The plays were incredible. I actually read all the Shakespeare plays this year so I could tell who the main character was this year!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've spent the last 15 days in Palmeras, Peru on a Humanitarian Trip with an organization called Youthlinc. I heard about this group when I was a junior in high school and have wanted to go for a long time. I was so excited when I finally got there.

The village is right on the Amazon River so we had to take these little boats everywhere. The first time I got in one of the boats I was sure we were going to tip over. By the end of the trip, I loved those little boats.

We were in Palmeras to build a school, a medical shed and a sidewalk. Let's just say the Peruvian people have a lot of muscle. They were always helping. Even the little kids wanted to paint.

I worked mostly in the classrooms with the kids. We did a lot of activities which the kids loved. And they are the cutest kids I have ever seen!

We were able to finish everything we came to do. We gave out hundreds of shirts, jolly ranchers, long socks, soccer cleats, pants. We also left school supplies, medical supplies and a lot of memories.
I'll never forget the time I spent trying to talk to the kids in my very very broken Spanish and the awesome team I went with. We had so many good times in Peru.
I was really sad to say goodbye to all the new people I met and the beautiful Amazon.

Welcome back Summer

I had forgotten what it was like to wake up to sunshine and not an alarm clock. Ginny is no skinnier from when I left even though she's been on a "diet." (The first thing she did when I got home from Europe was bite me. Thank you. I've missed you too.)

Erin and I have been taking her on lots of walks so far. (The vet said she is MORBIDLY obese!)
It's kind of strange walking around American Fork neighborhoods again. Everything is exactly the same. I've acquired the habit of taking my camera everywhere with me. I'd forgotten how beautiful the Utah sky is.

I'm still getting used that summer feeling of suddenly being able to do whatever you feel like doing. I keep wondering what homework I'm forgetting to do and then remember that all homework has gone away until September!
Happy Summer!

Good-bye Europe

I sadly said goodbye to London and hopped on a bus to visit the Martins in the Netherlands. The house I stayed at literally faced all of these windmills.We would ride European-style bikes around at night on the paths that went around the windmill. Emmy's training wheels were taken off and she loved showing me how good she was on her bike.

Amsterdam was so peaceful. It didn't have the busy, lonely feelings big cities have.

Anne Frank Huis

Van Gogh Museum.

Good bye Europe. I'll see you again soon.